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White Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid strain produced by crossing three strains: Cheese, Super Skunk, and Afghani. This celebrity kid is best renowned for its delectable cheesy aroma, which takes on a skunky pungency when smoked. The smell is similar, with a robust creamy cheese flavor that swiftly turns skunky on exhalation. Long, dense, lumpy forest green nugs with rich golden hairs, dark purple leaves, and a highly sticky coating of sweet resin coat this bud.
ONLINE WHITE CHEESE BUYING The high isn’t overly intense, making it ideal for users of all levels looking for a pain-free high. It starts with a somewhat foggy euphoric buzz in the head and neck that can make you feel distant and spacey. This is followed by a drowsy pain-relieving effect that entirely eliminates any discomfort or tension, as well as a drowsy effect that often allows the user to drift off into a pleasant sleep if enough is smoked at once. White Cheese is ideal for treating illnesses like chronic stress or anxiety, mild to moderate depression, inflammation, and chronic pain due to its comparatively mellow effects and THC content of 16 percent and CBD level of up to 4 percent.
Despite having a low THC content (14%) and a high CBD content (4%) for a marijuana strain, White Cheese has a THC content of 14 percent. This molecule can treat pain, inflammation, anxiety, and chronic body pain on its own. When mixed with THC, however, these health advantages are amplified, allowing consumers to get relief from their symptoms without having to consume large amounts of the strain.
If you desire a relaxing and tranquil night’s sleep, add a little more White Cheese’s ground buds to your evening joint.
White Cheese is ideal for folks who wish to start experimenting with different cannabis strains because of the THC/CBD ratio. Even when used in large dosages, it does not create anxiety or paranoia. If you go too far with your cheesy session, you’ll end up with a dry mouth and eyes.


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